Booking Process

Initiator Action Time Frame
Teacher Submit Online Booking Form At least six weeks before event date
Bookings may still be made within the 6 week period, the team will work with you to fast track the booking process
ACM Reserve tickets, send Reservation Form to teacher Within 7 working days of receipt of Online Booking Form
Teacher Return signed Reservation Form By due date specified on Reservation Form
If not received by due date, tickets may be released for general sale and cancellation fees may be incurred.
ACM Confirm booking and tickets, issue invoice Within 7 working days of receipt of signed Reservation Form
Teacher Complete payment By due date specified on Invoice
If not received by due date, tickets may be released

Student/Adult ratios

Education Performances:

One teacher for every 10 students will be admitted free, unless otherwise stated.

All teachers are admitted free for ArtsConnect9 experiences and for schools that receive a First Call Fund subsidy.

The Channel:

All teachers are admitted free.

Arts Centre Melbourne has safety and emergency management systems in place, and maintains insurances through the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority.

Terms & Conditions

The Victorian Arts Centre Trust ABN 83 295 983 059 trading as Arts Centre Melbourne (“ACM”) is a member of Live Performance Australia (“LPA”) and adheres to the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice. Click here to download ACM's Terms and Conditions of Purchase. These terms and conditions for apply to school reservations for performances.

    1. Once you have submitted your online booking, ACM will reserve tickets for your specified event and send you the Schools Booking Reservation Form (“Reservation Form”) with your reservation details.
    2. This Reservation Form must be signed by the Principal of your school and returned by the date specified on the form (“Due Date”).
    3. Upon receipt of the signed Reservation Form, ACM will confirm your reservation and issue you with an invoice for payment.
    4. If you fail to return a signed copy of the Reservation Form by the due date, ACM will release the tickets for general sale.
    1. You must advise ACM in writing of any changes to your booking.
    2. You can make changes to your booking up until the due date for returning a signed copy of the Reservation Form.
    3. Reducing the number of tickets:
      1. ACM will permit a reduction of up to 10% of the original online booking reservation.
      2. If you request a reduction in the number of tickets that is:
        1. greater than 10% of the original online booking reservation; or
        2. submitted after the due date for returning a signed copy of the Reservation Form, you will be charged the full cost of your original booking.
    4. Increasing the number of tickets:
      1. ACM will permit an increase in the number of tickets, subject to availability and at an additional charge.
    5. Subsidised attendance:
      1. Additional terms and conditions may apply to your reservation if your school receives subsidy funding from ACM. These terms will be provided to you if applicable.
    1. The school is responsible for supervising all members of the school group and for providing the required number of teachers and/or authorised supervising adults to accompany the group.
    2. The school must ensure that all members of the school group, including teachers and authorised supervising adults, comply with:
      1. the ACM Conditions of Entry; and
      2. a lawful and reasonable direction given by an ACM team member or representative while at ACM premises.
    3. The school warrants that all teachers and authorised supervising adults hold Working with Children Checks and other such checks as required by law to prove the suitability of a person to work with children and young people. For more information see our Child Protection Policy.
    4. The school indemnifies ACM against all loss, damage and costs incurred, sustained or suffered by ACM arising out of or in connection with or as a consequence, whether directly or indirectly, the entry or presence of the school group at ACM premises or any failure by the school to comply with these schools requirements.