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Frequently Asked Questions

Any jobs vacancies are posted on our Employment page, so keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities and come join our team.

We provide Work Experience opportunities to Year 10 students from Victorian schools during set dates each year.

Work Experience students will be placed in The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne’s Learning and Participation venue. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide Work Experience placements in back of house or production departments, or shadowing artists or performers.

For more details and to apply, please go to our Work Experience application page.

We have a policy around providing feedback and complaints that we recommend you read if you have some feedback to offer.

Any lost property found at Arts Centre Melbourne's Theatres Building or Hamer Hall is centralised with our Safety & Security Department.

They are best contacted via phone on (03) 9281 8316, and can be reached 24 hours a day.

Arts Centre Melbourne receives many requests to light our iconic Spire to support countless fantastic causes. While we’d love to be able to honour all of these, we assess all requests against the below criteria to ensure that when we do agree to a request, it aligns with our brand values and our role first and foremost as a champion of the performing arts. In addition, we limit the number of campaigns per month to avoid diluting message impact. This is underpinned by the following:

• Illuminating the Spire is related to a high-awareness or high-profile community message, significant social/community campaign, major cultural event, a response to a national or global event, or significant charitable cause deemed appropriate by Arts Centre Melbourne, or that champions the development and promotion of the performing arts.

• This event, campaign or cause is consistent with Arts Centre Melbourne’s values, brand and brand values, community role and core business in the performing arts.

• As a publicly funded cultural institution, Arts Centre Melbourne is apolitical and can in no way support, or be seen to support, campaigns or causes of a political nature. Campaigns or causes aligned to gambling, tobacco or alcohol or those with commercial outcomes will not be supported.

• There is sufficient profile or awareness of the high-profile community or charitable campaign, cultural event or cause, for the Spire illumination to be connected and understood by the general public. There is appropriate acknowledgement of Arts Centre Melbourne as part of a high-profile community or charitable campaign, cultural event or cause, such as via any media (print, broadcast or social) campaigns or coverage.

• Availability of the Spire depending on other pre-existing campaigns/bookings, and ensuring that there is reasonable time between campaigns to avoid diluting campaign impact.
• Please note: Not all requests are able to be accommodated and all decisions are final.

To make a request, please use the contact form here: /contact-us

Arts Centre Melbourne receives many requests to support countless fantastic causes. While we’d love to honour all of these, unfortunately we aren’t able to offer donations; instead, we channel our resources through subsidising access initiatives like our Schools Program and First Call Fund – a subsidy program that ensures all Victorian schools, no matter what barriers they may face, have the opportunity to experience the arts.
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