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Frequently Asked Questions

Relaxed Performances are for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment – this can include but is not limited to people with autism, sensory sensitivities, learning disabilities, dementia as well as those living with anxiety or who have experienced trauma.

A relaxed performance is the same show but there are some small production changes. These changes are made to eliminate surprise and reduce anxiety levels making theatre more welcoming for some audiences.

We focus on modifying the sensory environment and provide pre-show resources to help audiences prepare for their visit. During a Relaxed Performance, there is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement from audiences. Theatre doors remain open, house lights will be up, sound and lighting cues may be modified, doors will be open for people to come and go as they wish and a quiet area is available for audiences. Resources are also available to help audiences prepare for the performance.

For information and warnings about a performance, please check the warnings on the performance webpage and download the Visual Story. The Visual Story will be available to download on the performance webpage a few weeks prior to the performance.

There will be a designated Quiet Area for you to go to in the foyer of the theatre. The Quiet Area will be somewhere you can relax before the show, and where you can come and go to whenever you want during the performance, should you need to take a break. There will be comfy seating, including bean bags, and Visual Stories will be available. You can return to the theatre when you are ready – trained staff are available to assist as required.

To ensure COVID safety, sensory items and earmuffs will only be available upon request. We encourage audiences to bring their own items that will help make you feel comfortable in the theatre, such as headphones, fidget toys etc.

You can take your headphones and your tablet into the theatre to assist with communication. We just ask that you please inform the ushers beforehand. We also recommend that you are mindful of the people around you whilst using a tablet, and limit its use throughout the performance so that it is not too distracting to others.

Doors will be open approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance, giving you plenty of time to find a seat and feel comfortable in the space.

Yes, we will have a number of highly trained Front of House staff available both in the foyer and in the theatre who will be able to assist you at any time.  
The food and drink policy varies from production to production but, generally speaking, cold drinks in plastic, cold food and confectionery are allowed inside. Hot drinks, with lids attached, are permitted for some productions, but hot food cannot be taken into the venue.

Please check with our staff when you visit.
Please call 1300 182 183.
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