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Arts Centre Melbourne is proud of the role we play in the artistic life of Victoria and as a major contributor to the state's creative and visitor economies. Here's why and how we do it.

Arts Centre Melbourne is a statutory authority of the Creative Industries portfolio, which is administered by Creative Victoria, a division of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.

Our Trustees are appointed by the Governor in Council on recommendation of the Minister for Creative Industries. The Trust’s core purpose is to enrich the lives of Victorians – culturally, educationally, socially and economically.

Our Purpose is to Create, Connect and Enrich. We believe that what we do makes a difference by:

  • making Melbourne more creative and vibrant
  • making the arts more welcoming and accessible
  • presenting works of local, national and international significance to engage, inspire and challenge our audiences
  • being the Melbourne home for Australia’s leading performing arts companies
  • bringing families and communities together across generations and cultural divides
  • inspiring curious minds of all ages through innovative and contemporary arts practice
  • preserving the legacy of and building the Australian Performing Arts Collection
  • leveraging our unique position in the industry, providing leadership within the creative and cultural sector.

Our Commitment is to Earn the Encore in everything we do, working as an ensemble to be on show every day. Building on Victoria’s original vision for Arts Centre Melbourne, we shall:

  • be visionary and pioneering
  • build vitality and relevance in the arts for the next generation
  • demonstrate leadership across the creative and cultural sector
  • turn performances into events, and events into memorable stories
  • be “curtain up”; always performance-ready.

Our Strategic Priorities are the five most important things we’re focused on to ensure we continue to Earn the Encore in everything we do. Our priorities are:

Performing Arts

We champion the development and promotion of the performing arts, engaging with our supporters to realise our shared vision.

Customer Focused

We welcome the community and foster deep connections to the performing arts.


Treasuring the past and creating new stories.


Working together as one team, celebrating creativity, caring for each other and encouraging lifelong learning.

Business Excellence

Striving for the highest standards.

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