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Filming for personal use

While we encourage you to take photos for personal use only, there are some important conditions you must agree to before doing so, most importantly around prohibited filming and photography at Arts Centre Melbourne, which covers artistic works, staff, members of the public and children.

Because the shows, events and performances that take place in our venues are effectively 'owned' by the performing companies that produce them, you are generally not allowed to film or photograph them unless otherwise specified (or with permission for review purposes). This also includes production sets prior to the the show commencing.

Similarly, artistic works throughout the venue are generally under copyright.

We also ask you to refrain from filming or taking pictures of members of our staff or the public without prior permission; in particular, there is a very stringent child safety policy, so please do not feature children in your images unless express permission has been given.

Commercial filming

Arts Centre Melbourne is proud of its beautiful Victorian heritage-listed theatres, buildings and grounds. While we're happy to share them with Melbourne (and the world!), any commercial filming or photography anywhere within our grounds must go through an approval process. If you would like to apply please contact us using the details provided below.

For more general information, you can read more in the Filming Approval Act 2014 and the Victorian Film Friendly Guidelines.

Contact details

If you require any information on filming at Arts Centre Melbourne, please contact
Suzanne Robson, Senior Advisor:

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love you to share pictures and video of your visit with us on social media networks (don’t forget those ‘@’ or ‘#’ symbols so we know you’re sharing the Arts Centre Melbourne love!) and even on your personal blog, but only if there is no commercial aspect to the publishing of the images or video – it must be for personal use only and not contravene any other of our policies around filming.
Yes! Arts Centre Melbourne is proud to abide by the Victorian Film Friendly Guidelines 2014. Every assistance will be offered, subject to site activity, sponsorship agreements and availability. Terms and conditions apply.
If you are outside the building or in the foyer then 100%, yes! We want you to share your memories of your visit with friends and family, but unless you have sought permission from us, any footage you take must be for personal use only and not contravene any of our policies around filming. Thanks for respecting this, now snap away!

Photography during performances is generally not permitted. Please check with venue staff upon entering to confirm the photography policy for the performance you are attending.
Not without approval from us. Please submit a brief outlining your film shoot request to for our review. We’ll be back in touch with you once a decision has been made.

Of course we understand you want to record your event, performance or other activity during your time at Arts Centre Melbourne, why wouldn't you?

As part of your agreement when hiring our spaces and venues, there is a separate 'Recording Form' that needs to be submitted, so please speak to either your Account Manager, Production Manager or whoever your contact is at Arts Centre Melbourne to ensure this is submitted and approved before doing any recording. Thanks!

Thanks for the invitation to be part of your happy day and congratulations!

A few things you need to know first. Due to the constant level of activity across all our public spaces, we don't permit wedding photography inside our foyers. But if you’re using our venues for a wedding reception or simply want to take some of your professional wedding snaps with us as the background, feel free to wander along the external balconies of either the Theatres Building or Hamer Hall, including grassed areas.

Please remember though, as with any other filming at Arts Centre Melbourne, that the photos or video taken can't be for commercial purposes and must be for personal use only.

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