Redeveloping the gateway to the Melbourne Arts Precinct

At Arts Centre Melbourne, we bring people together for remarkable experiences.

We’re proud to be the gateway to the thriving Melbourne Arts Precinct, home to one of the largest concentrations of cultural and creative organisations, practitioners and institutions in the world.

We’re also committed to the future of the precinct by enhancing the uniquely Melbourne experience of exploring a diversity of art and creative practice in a singular location.

What we’re doing

We’re refurbishing our Theatres Building, introducing a fourth campus to our spaces and creating an exciting new public realm. The design will add significant public benefit to a much-loved building and space that will be a place:

  • that welcomes visitors to the precinct
  • of architectural, civic and community significance that sits alongside the best contemporary theatres in the world
  • of universal community engagement
  • that’s more permeable and accessible for visitors
  • that reveals surprises and glimpses behind the curtains
  • that respects history and has an eye to the future
  • that ensures an environmentally, financially and socially sustainable future

Venue upgrades

In the State Theatre, Playhouse and Fairfax Studio we will:

  • upgrade technologies
  • make significant improvements to accessibility, seating and audience comfort
  • create greater flexibility and diversity, enabling more opportunity for performers and artists
  • create clearer navigation and circulation

New offerings

A fourth Arts Centre Melbourne campus

A new fourth campus (complementing Hamer Hall, the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and the Theatres Building) on the adjacent 1 City Road site will seamlessly connect to the Theatres Building and will feature:

  • an expanded Australian Music Vault
  • a new free cultural and tourism offer for Melbourne, the Australian Performing Arts Gallery
  • new studio spaces for development and presentation of new works
  • new rehearsal spaces that provide flexible, adaptable and multipurpose facilities for Arts Centre Melbourne, Resident Companies, presenters, independent artists and the small-to-medium sector
  • team collaboration spaces

Melbourne’s new meeting place

Melbourne is a city of precincts – and this city-changing project will cement Melbourne’s unique positioning as Australia’s cultural and creative capital while opening the precinct to foot traffic and creating a place to gather and share in remarkable experiences.

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