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Arts Centre Melbourne is a gathering place, connecting Victorians with the art that inspires them, and artists, makers and presenters with the stages where they belong.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we engage with the performing arts. Forever.

As humans, we long for connection. We’re inherently social creatures. We're wired to belong and the relationships we have with ourselves and with others gives us meaning and purpose.

COVID takes away those connections and has kept us apart, while the performing arts bring us together.

Experiences we can all share together have become even more precious.

More than ever we are looking for ways we can fulfil our lives – to immerse ourselves in memorable moments and be together again.

We can’t wait to share the wonder and awe of live experiences with you again.

Reconnecting you to the live performance you've missed so much. And reconnecting artists with the stages and audiences they’re so desperate to return to.

Together Experiences.

Here’s a reminder of how lives are changed through the power of creativity and opportunity.


Stephanie Lake

“There’s no question we’re in troubling times. There’s incredible division. A single leaf is interesting, but thousands of leaves moving in the wind is breathtaking”. Stephanie Lake had a lifelong dream to create a work exploring the complex unison and wild individuality of humans. It came true.

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Lauren Hayes

“Having been born blind, initially I didn’t really think anything of it. I just assumed I was the same as anybody else”. Lauren Hayes believes everyone should be able to experience the wonder of the performing arts. We agree.

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Thomas Smith

“Everyone deserves to be in a place where they can thrive. It’s what you do every single day that makes you who you are”. From his rural home in Swan Hill, Thomas dreamed of working at a professional theatre. His dream came true.

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