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At Arts Centre Melbourne, we love bringing people together for remarkable experiences, so it's important to be confident that you're getting what you've paid for when it comes to your tickets.

We highly recommend following the below steps to ensure you're buying tickets through an authorised seller so you can avoid any nasty surprises:

  1. The best way to ensure you're getting what you paid for is to purchase tickets through an authorised Ticketing Service Provider. Please refer to the event page to check the authorised Ticketing Service Providers for a particular event or contact us on 1300 182 183 for more information.

  2. Avoid buying tickets through unauthorised third party websites that sell secondary (or second-hand) tickets, as there's no guarantee the tickets will be valid for entry at the venue. Tickets purchased from unauthorised third party websites may be cancelled without notice.

Unless otherwise agreed, Arts Centre Melbourne can only provide information relating to a ticket purchased through its sales channels (including the validity of a ticket) to the account holder and/or credit card holder of the booking.

For more helpful information on purchasing tickets safely and securely, please refer to Live Performance Australia's Safe Tix guide.

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