Our Relaxed Performances are a great way for audiences to experience the wonder of live performance in an environment that has been carefully adapted to be friendly, informal and open to all audience reactions.

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We got to experience live performance, stress free. It was lovely that my child didn't need to follow regular theatre etiquette. We were relaxed and they were relaxed. Their exuberance added to the atmosphere!


We focus on modifying the sensory environment to make a more "relaxed" experience. Sound and lighting cues are adjusted and you can leave the auditorium at any time.

There is a relaxed attitude to noise, doors remain open and lights while dimmed, remain on throughout the performance. You can leave the auditorium to take a break and a designated quiet area is available. Pre-show resources including a Visual Story are available to help you prepare for your visit.

Relaxed performances are for anyone and are particularly suitable for audiences with disability including autism spectrum conditions, sensory, communication or learning disabilities.

It was thrilling, and just so easy to let the kids be themselves and not have to worry about keeping still or quiet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Relaxed Performance is one of the ways Arts Centre Melbourne presents theatre that is welcoming for everyone. It is a way audiences and families can enjoy theatre together, in an environment that has been carefully adapted and embraces all reactions.

Relaxed shows include the following:

  • Noise and movement during the performance is expected from the audience
  • Leaving the auditorium to take a break is fine
  • There is a designated quiet area for people to relax in, before or during the show
  • Trained ushers are available to offer assistance
  • The theatre doors remain open and lights are dimmed, staying on throughout the show.

We focus on modifying the sensory environment and provide a range of pre-show resources to help you prepare for your visit (a Visual Story, examples of the music performed, a video clip to watch before the show, and Frequently Asked Questions).

A relaxed performance is the same show but there are some small changes. These changes are made in order to eliminate surprise and reduce anxiety levels. Specifically for Curious, house lights will be up, sound and lighting cues will be modified, strobe lighting has been removed and doors will be open for people to come and go as they wish.

There is a lot of music and different sound effects used throughout the performance, which will be made quieter however it can still be quite noisy for some people. Included here are links to some of the music tracks so you can hear what the soundtrack is like.

Yes. There will be a designated quiet area for you to go to in the foyer of the Playhouse Theatre. The quiet area will be somewhere you can relax before the show, and where you can come and go to whenever you want during the performance, should you need to take a break. There will be comfy seating including bean bags, sensory items, and the Visual Story will be available. There will also be TV monitors in this area so that you can still see the live action as it happens on stage, but from the vantage point of this outside space. There is also a viewing room that can be used. You can return to the theatre when you are ready – staff are available to assist as required.
You can take your headphones and your tablet into the theatre to assist with communication. We just ask that you please inform the ushers beforehand. We also recommend that you just be mindful of the people around you whilst using a tablet, and limit its use throughout the performance so that it is not too distracting to others.
Yes, we will have a number of highly trained Front of House staff available both in the foyer and in the theatre who will be able to assist you at any time.  
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