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1. Diver City

Musician Kristy Lee Peters (KLP) and comedian Matt Okine have joined forces to create a new inclusive and fun children’s music collaboration - Diver City. Their debut album, Welcome to Diver City is pure joy, exploring a world for children of all races, upbringings and backgrounds.

All ages

Diver City - Kristy Lee Peters and Matt Okine


2. Riverside’s Spot On Children’s Festival

Riverside’s Spot On Children’s Festival is on this week, with digital shows on offer for families to enjoy online. In particular, we’re looking forward to stomping, dancing and tiptoeing in the colourful world of the Tiptoe Giants! Look for events tagged ‘Digital’ when browsing the program.

Ages: 0 – 7

Festival ends on 2 October 2020


3. Feather Quest

From the creators of Mountain Goat Mountain comes another beautiful interactive offering for families – Feather Quest by Threshold. Guided by a set of cards, families are taken on a journey that shadows the life of a bird, ultimately connecting with each other through a message of hope. Feather Quest was developed with the support of ArtPlay.

Ages: 4 – 8

Feather Quest


4. Fix it

Watch Fix it, a four-part online series from the Clocktower Centre and Anna Thomson Comedy. Explore fun, interactive and silly ways to connect with your inner clown and the environment around you, using games, nature-inspired challenges and singing compost. Fix it inspires you to find creative ways to get your hands dirty and create change.

All ages

Episodes released Mondays and Thursdays from 28 September

Fix it with Anna Thomson


5. Move it Mob Style

Get up and dancing with Move it Mob Style, an Indigenous youth health and fitness program. Learn mad dance routines while listening to Indigenous hip hop beats. All episodes are available to stream on demand via ABC iview.

Ages: 10+

Move it Mob Style


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