Arts for All Appeal

1. Rawcus: Dance It Out

Put on your PJs or sequins, grab your families or pets and join Dance It Out, a series of free online dance sessions.

Led by the Rawcus ensemble of disabled and non-disabled dancers, all you need to enjoy this offering is a computer or phone and an internet connection. Movers and shakers of all ages can jump on, say hi, stretch and dance in an inclusive and fun environment.

Register to receive a link and join Rawcus at 12pm each Wednesday in August.

  Immersive Performance

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2. Melbourne Theatre Company Props Store Treasure Hunt

Go behind the scenes with the Melbourne Theatre Company to see what treasures are hiding backstage!

Take a 3D, online tour of their headquarters and stop to find a selection of props hiding in the Small Props Store. Keep exploring to see these props on stage, and find out about the the past productions they featured in.

Melbourne Theatre Company props store

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3. Watch The Value of Listening

The perfect complement to at-home learning, young readers can hear from their favourite authors with this online series of talks, presented by the Melbourne Writers Festival.

Weaving music, performance and art, Gregg shares the value of storytelling, and how actively listening to stories and communities different to our own can make the world a better place.

Available online until August 28. Recommended for ages 6 – 8.

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4. Special Delivery

Our friends at ArtPlay invite you to find the extraordinary in your ordinary surroundings, with a special delivery from artist Jessica Wilson in collaboration with Marcia Ferguson.

To start their journey, little ones will receive a special package in the post, then embark on a creative journey using photography, sculpture, role play and creative writing.

Sparking imaginations, these mini art projects are perfect for afternoons at home.

Recommended for ages 8 – 12.

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5. Madame Kalamazoo’s Magical Mail

A mysterious storyteller who arrived from the Blue Moon at the start of lockdown, Madame Kalamazoo writes funny daily stories – starring you! Families can register online via the National Theatre, then receive a story with their loved ones as the main characters.

These imaginative stories have been written to help young people get through the unusual times we are living in, and to invite them into a community of children all receiving their own special Kalamazoo adventures.

Suitable for playful minds of any age.

The National Theatre: Madame Kalamazoo

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