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An at home theatre experience for families to do together

Mountain Goat Mountain is a magical place. Strange and wonderful happenings often take place.

Step into an imaginary world and create your very own theatre experience. In this interactive journey, families will be guided with audio through a series of playful activities before being carried along through an immersive soundscape. Explore tunnels, lava pits and underwater caves without ever leaving your home.

Mountain Goat Mountain will bump you out of the ordinary and into a world where you work together to uncover its secrets, and discover the hidden treasures in each other. This theatrical experience provides space for creative connection through play and imagination.

Created entirely in isolation by a brilliant team of artists, this unique experience is designed for children and grown-ups to share.

Take this time to make an adventure together!

Important information

Tickets: $12.95 for a 30 days access family pass
All funds will go to Threshold and the artists who created this work

Bookings: Book your family pass here

Age range: Suitable for ages 5+

How many can play? Created for family units of any size. Minimum - a grown up and a small person.

How long does it take? Around 45 minutes, about as long as a show at the theatre!

What do you need for this journey? A charged audio device (computer, phone or tablet), a bed sheet (the bigger the better), a piece of blank paper (A4 will do) and your favourite pencils, pens or textas.

What families have said

“We loved it and got lost in the story.”

“A connective experience. A time to sit still in the universe for a moment with our family and realise we are everything to each other right then and there.”

“We don’t often do creative play with all of us… there was a beautiful mindful quality to it.”


Creative Team

Mountain Goat Mountain has been developed with the support of the Arts Centre Melbourne, Adelaide Festival Centre’s DreamBig Children’s Festival, HOTA and AWESOME International Children’s Festival.

A Threshold experience, created by Zoë Barry, Liz Francis, Nikita Hederics, Tahli Corin and Sarah Lockwood. These artists live and work on the land of the Taungurung people.


Arts Centre Melbourne and Sydney Opera House


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