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Getting comfy on the intersection with Candy Bowers.

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a person, especially a celebrity, with several professions or skills

Get up close and personal with Multi-Hypho, a podcast about creative folks who live, work, and play on the intersection, hosted by the multi-racial, multi-sexual and multi-talented Candy Bowers.

What is it like straddling multiple identities in the modern world? Candy jumps in bed with authors, actors, designers, musicians, comedians, screenwriters, scientists, crafters and more to find out.

A true multi-hyphenate, Candy B has spent the last twenty years exploring her delicious multiplicity on the stage, page and screen. Last year Candy made big plans, sold her worldly goods on Facebook marketplace and set her sights on the US. Then Covid-19 happened. The arts industry shut down, borders closed, and like many creatives, her dreams were put on hold. So, she grabbed her What would you do if a global pandemic halted your Hollywood dream book and ‘Create a podcast, babe’ was at the top of the list.

Long story short, it’s time to get comfy on the intersection.

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Candy Bowers.

This project has been generously supported by Linda Herd.


Candy Bowers

About the host: Candy Bowers

Candy Bowers is a radical mischief-maker and award-winning cross-disciplinary artist born of South African political refugees.

The youngest of three sisters, Candy was accelerated into coolness by being left in her sisters' band vehicle throughout her formative years. Studying acting at NIDA, she consumed the syllabus of almost exclusively white, cis-male, able-bodied theatrical giants with some dismay, vowing to dismantle, blow up and reclaim all the spaces black womxn had been denied entry.

She has a long list of original works to her name, including Inna Thigh: The Sista She Story, The Naked MC, Hyper Fragility #why-are-white-men-so-defensive-lol, MC Platypus & Queen Koala's Hip Hop Jamboree, Who's That Chik?, Australian Booty, One The Bear and Hot Brown Honey Burlesque. Candy has also been cast in main stage productions at Melbourne Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre Company, and toured the globe as the Ring Master/Vocalist for Circus Oz.

Right now Candy is plotting new ways to steal more roles from cis-men because gender is not a thing. She has a new scripted comedy podcast in development with Audible/Amazon, landed a sweet Hollywood literary agent WRITlarge, and is working on a brave new festival of political art for Melbourne with MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria.) She’s also trying to catch the attention of Lin Manuel Miranda, Taiki Waititi, Issa Rae, Michaela Coel, Trevor Noah and of course Lizzo. To be crystal clear, if Lizzo asks her to be a back-up dancer EVERYTHING WILL BE PUT ON HOLD.

Visit Candy’s website here.


Joel Ma


Episode 5 | A galaxy far, far away featuring Joel Ma

A producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist and rapper, Joelistics (Joel Ma) is recognised as a unique voice in the Australian music scene. He has built a reputation as an electric performer, first as a founding member of alt-rap group TZU, then under the moniker Joelistics, releasing music to critical acclaim. With numerous production and co-writing credits to his name, Joel has worked with the likes of Madonna, Haiku Hands, Mo’ju, Tim Rogers and Emma Donovan. He has also dipped his toes into the musical theatre scene, co-writing In Between Two in 2014 with James Mangohig - an exploration of his mixed race identity interlaced with searing hiphop. In 2021, Joelistics is set to release an album of production based work and collaborative tracks under the name Joelistics Presents Film School.

Visit Joel's website here

Find out more about Episode 5 here




Samuel Gaskin


Episode 4 | Who would we be? featuring Samuel Gaskin

With African and New Zealand heritage and professional roots in commercial dance, Melbourne-based Samuel Gaskin has always been one to stand out in a crowd. As a multi-faceted entertainer, when Samuel is not travelling around Australia teaching hopefuls how to dance like Beyoncé, or treading the boards in major productions like The Jungle Book and Hairspray, or opening his heart and soul to Asian audiences on the successful FOX Television reality show, Fit For Fashion, he is following his true passion - writing songs and recording demos in his home studio. His new work RECKONING Te Waiata Paihere Wairua -The Sounds of Woven Souls is premiering at the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Visit Samuel Gaskin’s website here

Find out more about Episode 4 here




Lay the Mystic


Episode 3 | My Kitchen Is A Portal featuring Lay The Mystic

Lay The Mystic is a musician, performer, poet and dedicated cubby-fort maker based in Narrm. Born to a Lebanese father and a Tongan-Fijian mother, Lay’s cultural heritage is reflected in his performances. His current works are centred around intimacy: all things close, being both a lens to understand societal or cultural issues, and a landscape to enact change. Lay is also strongly influenced by mysticism and is a professional tarot card reader and hobbyist astrologer.

Read Lay the Mystic’s new work Spilling here

Visit Lay the Mystic’s Instagram here

Find out more about Episode 3 here






Episode 2 | Blak & Black Womxn Body featuring Laniyuk

Laniyuk is a writer and performer of poetry and short memoir. She contributed to the book Colouring the Rainbow: Blak, Queer and Trans Perspectives in 2015, has been published online in Djed Press and The Lifted Brow, as well as in print poetry collections. She received Canberra’s Noted Writers Festival’s 2017 Indigenous Writers Residency, Overland’s 2018 Writers Residency and was shortlisted for Overland’s 2018 Nakata-Brophy poetry prize. She runs poetry workshops for festivals, moderates panel discussions, and has given guest lectures at ANU and The University of Melbourne. She is currently completing her first collection of work to be published through Magabala Books.

Visit Laniyuk’s Instagram page here

Find out more about Episode 2 here




Suzan Dlouhy


Episode 1 | Brass & Brutalism featuring Suzan Dlouhy (SZN The Label)

Suzan Dlouhy wears many hats; she’s a mother, an eco-minimalist, a DJ and a textile artist. She specializes in sustainable design via her label, SZN. As a fashion designer, Suzan utilises her own reductive pattern-making style, producing minimal silhouettes that focus on craftsmanship, and soulful, intelligent design. Suzan also makes costumes for film and stage, assembling looks from found objects, recycled clothes and repurposed items. She’s worked on music videos, dance productions, fashion parades, exhibitions and even an opera. Suzan can also be found spinning records around town under her reggae moniker, Selecta Suze Da Fuse.

Visit the website for SZN The Label here.

Find out more about Episode 1 here




Candy Bowers – Executive Producer/Creator/Host

Christian Biko (bobb Creative) – Producer/Engineer/Composer/Web Graphics

Karen Bravo – Hero Artwork

Senuri Chandrani – Research Intern

Jinghua Qian – Media and Communications



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