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Digital content made by, with and for young people aged 13-25.

At Arts Centre Melbourne, we believe that young people have a right to be seen and heard. As we navigate through these difficult times, it will be young voices and their new narratives that shape our future. That’s why they are front and centre in Seen & Heard, our new online youth hub.

Check in regularly for inspiring performances and podcasts made by young people, at-home workshops, and exciting opportunities to get involved in the performing arts.



Our New Slang committee, a team of music fans aged 14-17, put their heads together (virtually, of course) to imagine the future of live music. The result? Steri-LIVE, a socially distanced, sustainable and diverse festival with no bounds.

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10 Years of Dig Deep

Celebrating the engagement of young people through performing arts, this documentary is an uplifting look at Dig Deep, Arts Centre Melbourne’s dynamic and inclusive youth hip-hop and urban music program.

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LOL Squad

Enjoy a series of hilarious sketches from the LOL Squad crew, a team of funny peeps aged 14-18 from the Class Clowns program. Meet a ghost with low self-esteem, witness a very unusual heist, get into some hardcore parkour and more.

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5x5x5 Memory

5x5x5: Memory

5 emerging composers. 5 new works. 5 minutes.

In the midst of the global pandemic, five outstanding emerging Victorian composers explored the theme of Memory.

During this extraordinary time we were afforded the opportunity to look back and engage our memory to reflect on the way life was. Technology has continued to play an integral role in our lives, keeping us connected and entertained. 5x5x5: Memory was able to flourish with the support of technology and in their home studios, five emerging composers were equipped to produce beautiful pieces, exploring this vital theme.


Future Echoes 2019

Listen to audio from the 2019 Future Echoes festival, where young creatives aged 13-30 years old challenged ways of thinking and invited audiences into their processes.

Future Echoes: Postcards and Provocations

Provocations & Postcards from the Future

Look out over the horizon, fast forward your watch, is the apocalypse closer than you think? Express Media curated an immersive, stirring and playful hour of young writers who propelled us forward in time and shared their visions for the future.


Future Echoes: Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations

Curated by Emerging Writers' Festival, this panel of young creatives brought the future into the present, centering Indigenous voices, looking beyond access, transcending gender and placing artists at the centre of social change.



Hip-Hop Lyric Writing Workshop with Mantra

In this workshop you will learn the basics of hip-hop songwriting. Themes covered will include: using a piece of music to inspire the mood and direction of a song, developing a unique song concept, finding an effective and powerful way to deliver a song’s message and putting all these ideas into action to create lyrics for a verse and chorus.

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DIY Beat-Making workshop with Benji Miu

Using household items and the Koala Sampler app, Benji will show you how to make yourself a unique sample-based drum kit. Once you’ve refined your kit, Benji will take you through the basics of putting together a drum beat, so you can use your DIY drum kit as a live instrument!

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