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A behind the scenes mini docu-series

The sounds of a crowd waiting, the lights dimming, pre-show rituals and adrenaline, Unstaged is a four-part mini docu-series that follows artists through the wings and onto the stage at our iconic venues.

  All Unstaged videos are closed captioned.



Part one: Archie Roach

"This is where I come. This is where I come to get my healing.” Legendary singer-songwriter and activist, Archie Roach talks through his powerful connection to music and the audience ahead of his moving performance at Live at the Bowl in February 2021.




Part two: City Sessions

“You have this huge connection with the music, with the movement, it’s just pure joy.” Dancers Maggie ‘Madfox’ Chen and Daisuke ‘Dai’ Benson prepare to take the stage at City Sessions, an iconic freestyle dance battle event part of Live at the Bowl 2021.




Part three: Midsumma

“I want to make them laugh, I want to make them smile, I want them to go out with a full heart.” Trevor Ashley shows us the glitter, the glam and the love backstage at Midsumma Festival Live at the Bowl 2021.




Part four: Spinifex Gum

"As they walk over that painting onto the stage, into those lights, whatever happens it’s profound”

Felix Riebl and The Marliya Choir, an all-female, all-Indigenous teenage ensemble, prepare to deliver their powerful part protest, part celebration Spinifex Gum alongside Ollie McGill and Emma Donovan.



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