Accessible Program

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Special Needs Access Program

Arts Centre Melbourne's The Channel is where Music Therapy meets Music Technology.

This varied program provides Music Therapy for children and young people with additional needs in school groups, with their families or through community disability groups.  Facilitated by Registered Music Therapists, the program is run through The Channel

Please click on the following links for more information on each program.

  • Community Access Program

    Community disability organisations are invited to bring small groups of young people in to The Channel to participate in tailored Music Therapy sessions during the school holidays.  Activities

  • Accessible Music Program for Special Schools

    Small groups from Melbourne’s Special Schools visit The Channel multiple times over a school term to participate in technology based music therapy sessions. Content is tailored to maximise

  • Siblings in Sync

    Siblings get creative with music! This award-winning program sees kids with disability and their siblings engage together in accessible music activities. Shared abilities and mutual respect are

  • Sound Beginnings

    This engaging sensory program brings children who have developmental delay or disability together with their families to interact through music. Accessible music experiences are carefully planned to

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