POSTi Network

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Posti Network
An online play about playing online

There’s a lot happening on the POSTi Network – friends, photos, secrets, games and mischief…plus a cool French rock band. Take the quest to find out who knows who, who did what to whom, and why. On POSTi, you get to investigate the story as it happens – and the more you uncover, the more points you’ll earn!

Information for teachers: POSTi plays out in real time, simulating a social media environment. Students navigate the narrative by completing tasks designed to re-frame key learning outcomes on respectful relationships within the cyber environment. Visit the ‘For Teachers’ for more information.

Curriculum Links




Discipline-based Learning


Reading; Speaking and listening

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Interpersonal Development

Building social relationships; Working in teams

Personal Learning

The individual learner; Managing personal learning

Civics and Citizenship

Community engagement

Key Information

  •  Kids and their teachers
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