Page to Stage: the ultimate performance-making toolkit

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Page to Stage

A new website is being developed for Arts Centre Melbourne, please note that the some elements of Page to Stage are not available.

Page to Stage is Arts Centre Melbourne’s ultimate performance-making toolkit for schools and young theatre-makers.

It’s a virtual theatre world in which you can learn the craft, generate inspiration for improvisation and scripts, design your own costumes, sets and lighting designs, as well as promote your own performances through posters, press releases and playbills. We want to hear from you, so be sure to log in and share your performances and production designs with us! 

Information for teachers: This project provides you with a safe ning-style Portfolio section for uploading student work to share with each other and the world beyond if you think it’s special! Check out the ‘For Teachers’ section for more information.


Curriculum Links




Discipline-based Learning

The Arts (Drama)

Creating and making; Exploring and responding


Reading; Writing; Speaking and listening

Physical, Personal and Social Learning

Interpersonal Development

Building social relationships; Working in teams

Personal Learning

The individual learner; Managing personal learning

Interdisciplinary Learning


Listening, viewing and responding; Presenting

Design, Creativity and Technology

Investigating and designing; Producing; Analysing and evaluating

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

ICT for visualising thinking; ICT for creating; ICT for communicating

Thinking Processes

Reasoning, process and inquiry; Creativity; Reflection, Evaluation and metacognition

Key Information

  •  Upper primary, secondary, tertiary students and teachers
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