Victorian Opera 2017

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VO 2017 Fables

In 2017, Victorian Opera invites you into an operatic storybook coloured with vibrant musical expression, vivid theatricality and the country’s brightest talent.

Fables unite our season as we revisit beloved stories, fairy tales and legends from writers such as Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen and William S. Burroughs; tales which reflect the deepest truths of the human experience. We retrace varied rites of passage and journeys to new perspectives. We enter a dark wood pierced by shafts of light offering direction, discovery and revelation. Join us. 
  • The Black Rider

    Tom Waits and William S. Burroughs’ cult musical fable has become one of the most iconic pieces of avant garde theatre since it premiered in 1990. Finding its roots in German folktale Der

  • The Second Hurricane
    6 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017 The Second Hurricane
    A Youth Opera

    In a storm-ravaged American town, a group of high school students offer their help to a nearby county before becoming stranded in the wake of a second hurricane. Through trial and tribulation, the

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