It's your Arts Centre Melbourne, and we'd love your help to make it better.

As Australia's largest performing arts centre, Arts Centre Melbourne opens its doors to millions of visitors like you every year.

With only part of our funding being provided from government resources, we rely on the generous donations made through our philanthropic programs to help us host close to 1,500 performance events, over 1,900 public program events and 400 free or low-cost community and school events each year.

We need you.

By making a tax-deductible donation today you can help shape an Arts Centre Melbourne that gives you, artists, families, the people of Melbourne, schoolkids, aesthetes, historians, lovers of comfort and seekers of the edge MORE AWE.


Give 2 low income earners or community group participants the chance to share a first-hand experience of the arts.


Help transport a group of schoolchildren to a performance at Arts Centre Melbourne.


Admission for 5 students to participate in a performing arts workshop together.

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Arts Centre Melbourne (Victorian Arts Centre Trust) is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient and a registered charity. Donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. Our Charity Number is 06000979 and our ABN is 83 295 983 059.

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