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Running Time 45 minutes

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A drift between urban and contemporary dance.

By Efren Pamilacan & Jason Ng in collaboration with HYPER REELIST.

Visionary young choreographer Efren Pamilacan makes dance as vast as the universe and as intimate as our inner souls. Fusing urban and contemporary dance, holographic 3D overlays by HYPER REELIST and a mind-expanding soundtrack by Jason Ng, the show puts relationships, identity and mortality under the microscope, refracting the poetry of everyday living through the lens of space-time theory. 9DIMES marks the mainstage debut of an audacious new talent on the global dance scene.


Efren Pamilacan Jr. is an accomplished hip-hop dancer, born in Melbourne with Filipino cultural heritage. He is the recipient of City of Melbourne Arts Grants (2013, 2014 and 2016) and a VicArts Grant in 2015. His works include City Sessions – a Melbourne based dance competition; Nice Fest – an international performing arts festival, and Factory Reset – a collaborative multimedia performance art piece performed at Big West Festival. In 2015, Pamilacan was honoured with the Peter McPhee Student Award for his work for MIXMIX Asia – a creative arts programme that supports youth organisations in the Philippines.


Jason Ng is a local musician and professional academic of Monash University based in Melbourne Victoria. His contemporary musical works have been featured in performance art piece Factory Reset and exhibited at events Planet Rock, City Cessions, Cypher Culture and Nice Fest. He is a PhD candidate and APA (Australian Postgraduate Award) recipient, whose research focuses closely on identity, culture and communications in Hip-hop as a mode of cultural exchange and entrepreneurship across the Asia-Pacific region.

Visual Projection and Light Installment Artist

Jobe Williams, otherwise known by his intermedia moniker HYPER REELIST, is an audio visionary, multimedia creative and technologist, based in Melbourne. Primarily working with light, sound, synchronicity and interactivity, he manipulates a wide range of technological devices to generate immersive experiences and illusions. This is achieved through experimenting with cross modal methods of communication that allow once separate sensory experiences to modulate one another using digital processes. His recent work includes the LED sculpture HELIXIS, commissioned for the inaugural Sydney-based music festival Soft Centre, and a custom stage design for the launch of Stoney Roads’ new festival, Formations. Alongside leading light artist Kit Webster, Williams has collaborated on Deep Dream, an octagonal infinity room currently on exhibition at Scienceworks Melbourne, and The Urchin, a giant light dome in Westfield Chermside, Brisbane.

To download the visual story please click here.


Dance Cast
Karla Mathieson, Jorge Waldon, Daisuke Benson, Hëna Memishi, Joshkun Arslan, Alix Gardiner, Gian de Felipe
Image by
Paul Huynh