Give more children access to the performing arts.

Performance dates & times

Friday 29 Mar
1:00 PM

Running Time Running time: 2 hours

Price range


Per student

The search is on for Australia’s funniest teens!

Bring your school group to be in the audience for this one-of-a-kind, national secondary school comedy competition that encourages teenagers with a talent for comedy to unleash their comic voice through stand-up, sketch, musical or physical comedy. This is the main event, the best of the best!

Finalists from across the country join forces in Melbourne for one huge teenage comedy bash!

The 2019 Class Clowns National Grand Final will be held as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


  • Encourages young people to develop individual creative expression via comedy writing/performance making
  • Provides recognition and exposure of budding comedy talent
  • Enables young people to work with and learn from professional comedians
  • Builds appreciative comedy audiences for the future

  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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