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Performance dates & times

21 May
10:30 AM
22 May
10:30 AM
28 May
10:30 AM
29 May
10:30 AM
4 Jun
6:00 PM
5 Jun
6:00 PM
9 Jun
2:30 PM

Running Time

Duration: Full Day
Act 1 / 80 minutes
Interval meal break
Acts 2 and 3 / 70 minutes
Interval break
Act 4 / 50 minutes

Students are asked to bring their own lunches & snacks. There will be two intervals and a designated eating area provided.

Price range

ARTSCONNECT9 - $9 per student

Cloudstreet as a play-script was written in 1998, based on Tim Winton’s celebrated novel. In 2019, director Matthew Lutton brings this play to the stage for a monumental new production, unprecedented in scale and ambition.

Cloudstreet follows the lives of two families – the Lambs and the Pickles – forced to live together in the same haunted house over a 25 year period. Spanning from World War II through to the 1960s, the play weaves their stories of shifting fortunes and relationships to tell a much larger story about life on the outskirts of one of the world’s most isolated cities, in a country that is trying to grow up.

Encounter the epic story of Cloudstreet with the Cloudstreet Experience, where you will see the whole story in one event—with two intervals and a designated area for meal breaks.

Malthouse Theatre is one of Australia’s most innovative theatre companies. Collaborating with international and local artists, Malthouse Theatre create inventive performances that cut to the core of the human experience.


  • The Malthouse Theatre is located at The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
  • Risk Assessment Guidance for Schools can be downloaded
  • Cloudstreet has been selected for the 2019 VCE Theatre Studies Playlist (Unit 3)
  • Malthouse Theatre’s VCE play-listed shows are supported by their award-winning Prompt Packs. Both English and Theatre Studies resources will be available for Cloudstreet. These teacher resources will be available online
  • Students are asked to bring their own lunches and snacks. There will be two intervals and a designated eating area provided.

  • Malthouse Theatre

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