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Sunday 26 May
12:00 PM

Running Time 12.00 - 4.00 PM approximately

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An autumn Sunday lunch inspired by Helen's Hill Estate wines

Helen's Hill chief Alan Nalder teams up with The Barre's Senior Chef de Partie Cecilia Salvante to create a Sunday feast to remember when the Hills – Helen’s Hill that is - come alive to the city for autumn.

This not to be missed luncheon will pair the ‘terroir’ driven, micro-climate influenced, Yarra Valley wines of Helen’s Hill Estate, with four courses from The Barre kitchen. Marinated salmon, oyster mustard and dill bruschetta teams with the Roma’s Grace Blanc de Blanc, while a vanilla panna cotta with infused strawberry in Chardonnay and raspberry foam & brandy biscuit for dessert, sits alongside ‘Lana’s Rose’, and that’s only part of the story.

Experience for yourself the long and skinny of the Helen’s Hill range, hear the stories from the memory of Helen to the mysteries of row 25, the notion of dinosaurs and Mother Nature, the mystic of barrel oaks and all the ‘terroir’ that together define these anything but simple wines as they fuel Cecilia’s culinary inspiration over the course of one rare and special afternoon.


Marinated salmon, oyster mustard & dill bruschetta
Pork rillettes, shaved oyster mushrooms with garlic oil on brioche

Served with
Helen’s Hill Roma Grace Blanc de Blanc

Act I

Crayfish cappuccino

Served with
Helen’s Hill Evolution Fume Blanc
Helen’s Hill Breachley Block Chardonnay

Act II

Loin of venison with baby beets & soy glaze, served with roasted Jerusalem artichoke purée

Served with
Helen’s Hill ‘Hilltop Shiraz’


Vanilla panna cotta infused strawberry in Chardonnay with raspberry foam & brandy biscuit

Served with
Helen’s Hill ‘Lana’s Rose’

Of microclimates and many hills the Helen’s Hill story.

Driven by our respect for Mother Nature, her nuance, her quirks, her eccentricities, and a desire to make exceptional wine with the least amount of interference, we tend our vineyard with a light hand.

It wasn’t an accident that we ended up here. We searched for it. It spoke to us - the hills, the micro climates and the Yarra Valley soil – the three reasons we put our roots down here and why it is we produce the wines we do.

We know it’s a question of custodianship. We are part of nature. We entrust our wine to the whims of it. As they say “why have a dog and bark too?” Our experience is tangible, generations old, it’s entrenched, known, learnt by doing, by feel, smell, taste, touch.

With nature as our guide we watch. We wait. We encourage. Then we chose the best parcels of fruit that our vineyard can provide and bottle it. Minimal intervention, uniquely our own, distinctly Yarra Valley.

The French call it ‘terroir’. We call it Helen’s Hill.

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