Give more children access to the performing arts.

Performance dates & times

Wednesday 7 Aug
1:30 PM
Thursday 8 Aug
1:30 PM, 7:30 PM*
Friday 9 Aug
1:30 PM, 7:30 PM*

*Please note this is not a dedicated schools performance, members of the general public will be in attendance.

Running Time 60 minutes

Price range

Per student

One teacher for every 10 students will be admitted free of charge.

To apply for a First Call Fund subsidy for this program, click here.

Suitability: Years 10 - 12

Written wholly in rhyme and created by an extraordinary cross-disciplinary team; the stunning dystopian world of One the Bear guarantees to burst your senses and expand your mind.

A fairy-tale for the hip-hop generation, One the Bear is the story of a young bear who wants more for her tribe. Set in a tip, where the garbage sparkles and catches in beams of broken streetlights, One and her best friend, Ursula, get up to mischief and mourn the dank life they lead. The two friends spit rhymes about living under Human Hunter law and dream of the days when bears were free; eating fresh fish rather than packaged fish-fingers.

But what happens when One is given the opportunity to speak for her community? What happens when fame knocks at the door?

One the Bear is vital, contemporary political theatre that explores themes of identity, exploitation, appropriation and friendship in a world gone wild with celebrity.

With its infectious beats, dynamic and innovative design and powerful performances, One the Bear is a not-to-be-missed experience for schools.

Classroom Connections

Download Pack A of the Teacher Resources

Curriculum Links

Learning Areas Capabilities
The Arts Critical and Creative
English Ethical
Health and Physical Education Intercultural
The Humanities Personal and Social
Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
Theatre Studies Unit 4 - PLAYLIST
Theatre Studies Unit 2 and Unit 3
Drama Unit 1 and Unit 2

Themes and Ideas

  • Identity
  • Body Image
  • Allegory
  • Stage Craft and Theatre Design
  • Friendship
  • Climate Change
  • Media and Celebrity Culture
  • Colonisation
  • Appropriation
  • Contemporary Fairy Tales
  • Lyrical hip hop

Teaching Resources

Details on VCE Theatre Studies Unit 4 student forums and teacher resources will be available soon. 


Witer / Concept
Candy Bowers
Candy Bowers and Ashleyrose Gilham
Composer Sound Designer
Kim Busty Beatz Bowers
Set Designer
Jason Wing
Costume Designer
Sarah Seahorse
Lighting Designer
Verity Hampson
Video Designers
Optikal Bloc
Directorial / Eye Dramaturg
Clare Christian
Sister Zai Zanda
Directorial Eye
Susie Dee

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  • The Australian Council for the Arts
  • Campbelltown Arts Centre

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