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Performance dates & times

Wednesday 12 Jun
Thursday 13 Jun

Sessions run between 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Running Time 5 - 10 minute sessions.

Price range

Bookings required

Nexus are a group of emerging creatives with lived experience of mental health and disability who will guide a series of public one-on-one interviews for a new podcast series.

Starting with the question “what does disability mean to you?”, the magic of ‘Chain Reaction’ is that the interviewee then becomes the interviewer for the next conversation. What would it be like to have a facilitated conversation with a complete stranger about disability? You are invited to exchange in a guided dialogue that will be recorded by a Nexus artist. The conversation that will take shape can take any form it pleases. It is up to you and the person sitting opposite you.

Based on the UK’s Radio 4 chat show podcast ‘Chain Reaction’, the leading question for each new interview will be the last topic in the previous interview. Each Chain Reaction interview goes for a minimum of 5 minutes and will open up great vox-pop dialogue around the 21st century concept of disability.

The conversations will be recorded and with your permission, turned into a public podcast series available to listeners via Arts Access Victoria and Arts Centre Melbourne websites.

Image Credit: Jac Gelbart


Heidi Everett
Facilitating Artist
Phil Noack
Facilitating Artist
Alexa Myerowitz
Ferris Knight
Qambar Ali
Briana Bullen
Zoe Glen-Norman
Romy Durrant

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