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Friday 28 Jun
2:00 PM

Running Time 2 hours

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This event is conducted solely in Australian Sign Language and will be interpreted into English.

Ritual is innate. We gesture before we verbalise.

The visual precedes the verbal. From birth, we know how to move. We revel in pleasure. At some point, our mode of being switches and the verbal/audio takes over. Everything gets re-routed through a primary method of talking and intellectualising thus bypassing our body’s capability of visual and spatial intelligences.

Dance has the power to re-connect us with our bodies. Dance does not necessarily need explaining or verbalising. Our lives and the world we live in have become overloaded with noise… over-stimulated and over-fed. We fill empty spaces with noise and talk because silence and stillness can be awkward for some. We live in an audio-dominant society.

Led by contemporary dancer and performing artist Anna Seymour, this experiential workshop will offer some insights behind Anna’s latest choreographic work including tools to connect with your physical, visual and tactile awareness in movement. Anna will also open up conversations about themes of collaboration, culture, language and communication. Innate knowledge of Deaf culture will be shared and applied to movement as ritual.

This workshop asks the question of what movement means to us individually and collectively. Have we lost our confidence and ability to tune in our bodily intelligence and visual intelligence? How will that change our experiences and understanding of dance and movement? Suitable for dance and movement artists, actors and directors of varying levels of experience.

Image credit: Pippa Samaya, Under My Skin, Next Wave 2016.


Anna Seymour
Anna Seymour is a Melbourne-based performing artist, dance maker and teacher. She is bi-lingual in Auslan and English, is a proud Deaf woman with a passion for her community, culture and language. Anna is a co- founder of The Delta Project, a dance company of Deaf and hearing performers. Productions include: Collisions (Deakin University Theatre, 2012) and Under My Skin, (Next Wave 2016, Arts House). The Delta Project is developing a new work in 2019 to be choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Anna’s choreographic credits include; Distraction Society (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016) and SPIN (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018) receiving the Spirit of the Fringe Award. Anna has worked as an actress for TV (ABC’s Get Krack!n), film and theatre. With Deafferent Theatre she performed in Black is the Colour (Melbourne Fringe) earning her a Green Room Award nomination for Best Performer in Independent Theatre. Anna collaborates widely with visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, theatre makers, musicians including her mural by Guido van Helten on the MPT building in Prahran exploring people’s relationship to architecture and public spaces. When not dancing, she can be found practicing yoga and mixed martial arts, being at the beach and devouring books. Anna is also qualified in Lomilomi (Hawaiian massage) bodywork. Anna is currently Assistant Producer for the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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