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Thursday 27 Jun
7:30 PM

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The Art of Pride is central to the experience of expressing ourselves.

Join Larissa MacFarlane, Producer of the Disability Pride Wall, and Maddie Little the inaugural winner of the Stella Young Award as we announce the 2019 Stella Young Award recipient at this networking event that celebrates us, the artists.

As Laura Hershey said, “You get proud by practicing.” The Art of Pride is central to the experience of expressing ourselves and so we surround ourselves with those who reflect who we are and who we want to be.

Hear Larissa MacFarlane, Producer of the Disability Pride Mural talk about her experience of bringing artists with disability together in a creative and public expression of pride making Australia’s first Disability Pride Mural. This will be followed by a screening of the short documentary film, The Disability Pride Wall, directed by Naomi Chainey. The Disability Pride Mural in Footscray inadvertently highlighted the treatment of disabled people when the wall was blasted clean and labelled as graffiti, just a week after being installed. It required courageous work, but it was reinstalled with more than 50 peoples’ voices being presented, highlighting the wide cultural diversity that is Disability Culture.

The Art of Pride brings disabled artists together in conversation.

Join us, there is room for us all.

Stella Young Award 2019

Stella Young left her indelible mark on the conversations made by the culture of Australia. Versed in Comedy, Film and Theatre, this writer was a genteel rabble rouser increasing the awareness of those disabled by our society. Her TED talk – “I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much” brought the Social Model of Disability to centre stage in this country and her work with ABC’s Ramp Up website finally gave a public platform for the issues surrounding people with disability, most particularly artists with disability. Her passing in 2014 came as a huge blow for us all and in her remembrance, Arts Access Victoria launched the Stella Young Award in 2018. Hear Maddie Little’s experience of how receiving the inaugural Stella Young Award exposed her to a wider network of professional contacts. Then find out 2019’s winner!

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