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Wednesday 19 Jun
2:00 PM

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This event is conducted solely in Australian Sign Language and will be interpreted into English.

A panel featuring six Deaf independent artists.

The Deaf community of Melbourne is a small, strong and passionate community bonded by their language, Auslan, and their shared experience of Deaf culture. For decades, members of the Deaf community have self-organised their own arts and cultural events as they were unable to access mainstream arts and culture.

However, in the past few decades, through the rise of interpreters, captioning, NDIS and dedicated programs for Deaf artists within the industry, there is now an emerging movement of Deaf artists in Melbourne. The more accessible and inclusive our industry is becoming, the more pathways are being enabled for these artists.

This panel features six Deaf independent artists who will describe their interdisciplinary art practices, where they are heading as an emerging artist within the Deaf arts movement and how the arts industry can support artists from the Deaf community to thrive.

Panel: Anna Seymour, Irene Holub, Walter Kadiki, Elvin Lam, Luke King and Jess Moody.
Facilitated by Jodee Mundy.

This event is all in Australian Sign Language and will be interpreted into English.

Image Credit: Pippa Samaya. Under My Skin, The Delta Project. Arts House, 2016

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Introduction to The Kiln

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Anna Seymour
Anna Seymour is a Melbourne-based performing artist, dance maker and teacher.Anna, bi-lingual in Auslan and English, is a proud Deaf woman with a passion for her community, culture and language. Completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) in 2012, she has worked for various companies and choreographers including Ballet Lab and KAGE. Co- founder of The Delta Project, a dance company of Deaf and hearing performers. Anna’s choreographic credits include; Distraction Society (MelbourneFringe Festival 2016) and SPIN (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018)receiving the Spirit of the Fringe Award. Anna has worked as an actress for TV (ABC’s Get Krack!n), film and theatre. With Deafferent Theatre she performed in Black is the Colour (Melbourne Fringe) earning her a Green Room Award nomination for BestPerformer in Independent Theatre. Anna is currently working as Assistant Producer for Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Irene Holub
Irene Holub born deaf into a hearing family, became a social product of segregation and mainstreaming. As a sculptor, printmaker and painter and as an outsider searching for identity, she would use different mediums to capture and create the symbolic language within her hands.Patterns, connections, fragments and memories appear in Irene’s works as many layers of perceptions from within and from others. Her works have been shown at St Heiliers Gallery, FLOW festival, Women’s Gallery, Firestation Gallery, Melbourne Fringe Festivals and local contemporary events. Deafness for Irene is a gift. She is passionate about education and empowerment. Throughout her art career and as a teacher, educator and advisor, she advocated for the right of deaf people to have a voice. She has worked as a curator, workshop presenter and board director of Arts Access Victoria. Currently working as a creative producer for the FLOW festival - Deaf Arts. Her art is a social movement, a documentation of those influenced by the mainstream who have (un)intentionally removed the rights of people to be different, Deaf and proud.
Walter Kadiki
Walter Kadiki is a master of weaving signed poetry and visual vernacular into poetic performance. He is known for his profound and engaging signed poetry and storytelling that bridges cultures and is accessible to deaf and hearing audiences. He has delivered workshops for young people across Australia in Deaf Slam Poetry, has worked with community groups to create the poems such as Butterfly Hands which was performed at Federation Square in Melbourne, and in Geelong. Has performed his signed poetry at the Melbourne Fringe Festival , Salt Lake City USA and various events across Australia.
Elvin Lam
Born in Hong Kong, Elvin Lam began dancing in his late teenage years. Prior to this, he trained in figure skating for 10 years attending different competitions before strapping on his first pair of dance shoes. He has studied various forms of dance including Latin, ballroom, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance and ballet. In 2006, he joined Deaf Can Dance, and later, The Delta Project, a dance company with Deaf and hearing dancers. With these companies he has performed in Melbourne, South Australia, Queensland; the most recent performance was Under My Skin, part of Next Wave at Arts House in 2016. Currently he is a student in the adult class at The Australia Ballet. Earlier this year in January, he ran a Deaf Sign Ballet workshop.
Luke Duncan King
Luke Duncan King is a visual artist working predominantly in printmaking, also including drawings and watercolour works on paper. King recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours – Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2015. King participated in solo and group exhibitions at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, City of Melbourne Library and internationally at 3331 Arts Chiyoda as a part of the International Printmaking Conference 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, Tinning Street Presents & Long Division Gallery. He graduated the Next Wave Kick Start program in 2017 and participated the Next Wave Art festival at the Bus Projects last year. He often collaborated with student visual artists, emerging visual artists and dancers at the VCA; and with Adelle Mills and Nicola Gunn, as well as with Louella May Hogan and Anna Seymour to discover performance and audience experientially, and encounter the artistic practice in a visceral and insightful way.
Jess Moody
Jessica Moody is a director, producer, teaching artist, and co-founder of Deafferent Theatre. Since graduating from the University of Southern Queensland, she’s worked with organisations including the University of Melbourne, St. Martins Youth Theatre, Arts Access Victoria, Opera Australia and various Arts Centres. She has devised new work with Accessible Arts NSW and Gaslight Festival/Australian Theatre of the Deaf. Her previous directing credits with Deafferent Theatre achieved sell-out seasons and been awarded Melbourne Fringe Festival awards (Best Emerging Producer, 2016; Access and Inclusion Award, 2017). Deafferent Theatre was a recipient of the In- House Residency at Malthouse Theatre in 2018; and in 2019 Jessica is a participant in the Besen Foundation Artist Program.
Jodee Mundy
Jodee Mundy is committed to producing high quality theatre works, public events, installations and artistic interventions, bringing together diverse cross sections of the community who may not regularly encounter one another. Bilingual in Australian Sign Language and English, she is the only person who hears because everyone in her family is Deaf. Her work includes: 'Imagined Touch' created with Deafblind artists (Barbican Centre, Spill Festival, Sydney Festival, Arts House), A Sanctuary in the City- created with primary carers (City of Melbourne) and ‘Personal’ a multimedia performance created in collaboration with her Deaf family (Arts House, Sydney Opera House, Darwin Festival).

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