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Exhibition dates

Thursday 3 Dec – Monday 21 Dec


Due to safety regulations, David Greybeard will need to be deflated when winds are above 40 km/hr. For the latest updates on when he will be visible, please check the Facebook event.

Art and science unite for a groundbreaking international public artwork.

A unique collaboration between Australian visual artist Lisa Roet and wildlife conservation organisation the Jane Goodall Institute Global, will see a large-scale sculpture of iconic chimpanzee David Greybeard installed outside Hamer Hall this December.

The 9m x 12m sculpture commemorates the 60th anniversary of Goodall’s pioneering research into chimpanzee and animal behaviour at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, and will be a talking point for the city, raising awareness about environmental conservation, art, women, and communities.

Designed to raise questions around humanity’s relationship with nature and our closest living animal relative, the complex links between humans and animals have been the central driving force behind Lisa Roet’s practice for over 30 years, with Dr Goodall’s research at the forefront for much of her work.

David Greybeard was due to be installed in April this year. Since then the world has changed and its message has become even more pertinent. Following its Melbourne premiere, the David Greybeard sculpture will tour to six countries and four continents around the world at a combination of relevant, global conferences and major global cities to raise awareness of habitat and species protection to a global audience.


Lisa Roet
Felipe Reynolds, Airena

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