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Arts Centre Melbourne is currently closed. For ticket-holders booked to attend a performance, when a new date is confirmed we will contact you by email. For more information please visit: artscentremelbourne.com.au/affected-performances

The machines take over.

There is something otherworldly, even menacing about objects behaving in completely unexpected ways.

Discover what happens when we close the theatre doors, turn off our Ghost Lights, and Hamer Hall reawakens. Take three sets of escalators down to the dark heart of the Hall to witness a visual and sonic feast of mechanical ballet, kinetic art and immersive soundscape.

The talented Arts Centre Melbourne Production team cast large and complex theatre automation systems in a variety of roles every day, to enhance the audience experience. Ghostly Machines looks at what would happen if the machines, lighting and sound systems starred in their own show, using memories of past performances and celebrating the re-opening of the venue. The result is an automated, choreographed “mechanical ballet” that turns the performance space into a mysterious and enchanting place.


Sean Vournazos
Lighting Design
Trent Barclay
Sound Design
Nick Walker
Created, scripted and programmed by Arts Centre Melbourne’s own Production team.

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