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Saturday 5 Sep
2:00 PM

Running Time Approximately 20-30 minutes

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I Miss You Antarctica

Part of Moira Finucane's globally acclaimed Art vs Extinction Suite.

This austere and bloody mutant stitches live museum exhibition to immersive theatre and a mass-mortality event. Exploring grief, loss, isolation, stark beauty, deep time, ice melting and hope – all at epic scale. Inviting humans into an imagined-Antarctica, the only place on earth with no permanent human habitation, to imagine a future together.

The At Home Residency Showing will plumb the depths of Moira’s Stage 4 lockdown to share a little bite of her work. Tune in with BYO drinks, ice and penguins.

Moira is renowned for her visceral work, and in these distancing times, she doesn't want to give up on that. So please, prepare and bring three things along to the showing:

  1. A Paper Penguin
    Follow this origami video using any square of paper. It's not that simple but it's not that hard. Or you could knit, crochet or create another type of Penguin - it's okay for everyone to be different!
  2. A drink on the rocks, if you feel like it
    Here is a recipe for a Mojito, the drink Moira was drinking in Cuba when this work began its life. Why on the Rocks? Because ice brings out aromatics, and mysterious flavours.
  3. A bowl of ice
    As simple as grabbing a bowl and popping some ice cubes into it.

What do you do with these 3 things? Tune in to find out….

What is Take Over!?

A unique partnership between Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe, this year’s program features 10 fearless and unique artistic explorations that will take shape in artists’ homes across Victoria in the lead up to their presentation at Melbourne Fringe in November 2020.

What are the At Home Residency Showings?

This an opportunity to connect with the Take Over! artists at the end of their at home residencies and get an insight into the creative process. We have not been explicit with artists about what this showing must be. Some may share a part of the work they are developing, others might want to talk to you about their ideas. Others might need you to participate in an activity. There might be talking, dancing, reading, debating, sharing, singing, laughing, crying or music. You may be a passive audience member or you may want to contribute.

There are many unknowns, but one thing is guaranteed, you will be sharing in a creative process with some of our most visionary and boundary pushing artists – and that’s a rare opportunity.

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