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Thursday 26 Nov
12:00 PM, 7:00 PM

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Running Time 40 minutes

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$15.00 recommended for waged audiences

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The next r/evolution in Moira Finucane's globally acclaimed Art vs Extinction Suite.

This austere and apocalyptic fever dream stitches live museum exhibition with submersive theatre and a mass-mortality event. Exploring grief, loss, isolation, stark beauty, deep time, ice melting and hope – at epic and intimate scale.

You are invited into an imagined-Antarctica – the only place on earth with no permanent human habitation – to dream of a future together.

Inspired by Finucane's recent trip to Antarctica to witness the majesty of what we have and what we can lose. I Miss You Antarctica is where mortality and hope collide.

Moira is renowned for her visceral work, and in these distancing times, she doesn't want to give up on that. So please, prepare and bring three things along to the showing:

  1. A Paper Penguin
    Follow this origami video using any square of paper. Or you could knit, crochet, paint or create another type of Penguin - viva la difference!

  2. A drink on the rocks, if you feel like it
    Here is a recipe for a Mojito, the drink Moira was drinking in Cuba when this work began its life. Why on the Rocks? Because ice brings out aromatics, and mysterious flavours.

  3. A bowl of ice
    As simple as grabbing a bowl and popping some ice cubes into it.

What do you do with these 3 things? Tune in to find out….

About the Artist

She's starred at the National Theatre of China, has redefined cabaret and burlesque for a new generation, has been applauded by the Castros in Cuba, directed drama at The Shanghai Grand, and been the invited artist in residence from the Malmaison in Paris to the glaciers of Antarctica. Moira Finucane is a beyond genre creator and performer, renowned internationally for her powerful visceral works, volcanic physical performance, and the intelligence, wit and radical hospitality she brings her audiences.

Her company Finucane & Smith Unlimited create ‘salons of humanity’ that redefine drama, cabaret, and immersive theatre worldwide, with 15 awards, from the Patrick White Playwright Award, 8 Green Room Awards to the International Theatre Institute's CHAMACO Award for Best International Presentation (Cuba), and the Climakaze Award (USA) for outstanding art in climate justice. Finucane & Smith's Burlesque Hour is now the world’s most awarded Provocative Variety work. In 2019 Finucane’s work was presented from the Tibetan Plateau to Wuzhen, Berlin to Prague, Antarctica to Kalkarindji.

Image: Moira Finucane shot on location in Neko Harbour Antarctica
Photography: Scott Portelli


Finucane & Smith
The creative house
Moira Finucane
Creator & writer
Jackie Smith
Rachel Lewindon
Composer & pianist

Supporting Artists

Fernandez & Lanning TearItUp
Moving picture & design artists
Ray Dimakarri Dixon
Mudburra singer/songwriter. Ngkurramarla
Louise Seymour
Paper artistry
William Eicholtz
Rose Agnew & Angela Clark
Jewels & miniatures
Shirley Keon, Eugyeene Teh, Bryn Meredith
Textiles, gowns & crowns
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