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From our internationally-renowned Australian Performing Arts Collection to the ground-breaking initiative of the Australian Music Vault, Arts Centre Melbourne celebrates the nation's performing arts heritage.

Australian Performing Arts Collection

The Australian Performing Arts Collection is an internationally-significant, constantly evolving contemporary artistic resource.

Art Collection

Arts Centre Melbourne’s Art Collection is one of the most significant public collections of Australian art outside the major state art galleries.

Exhibitions and Curated Stories

Arts Centre Melbourne presents a year-round program of exhibitions and displays that showcase the breadth and depth of the Australian Performing Arts Collection.

Australian Music Vault

We’re turning up the volume on our love affair with Australian music and throwing open the doors of the Australian Music Vault.

Research and Access

The Research Centre facilitates study and investigation into performing arts history by providing access to the Australian Performing Arts Collection.

Research Enquiry Form

Submit and Online Enquiry to the Performing Arts Collection Research Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Performing Arts Collection is used in our changing exhibitions and displays, both onsite and touring. Please check our Exhibitions & Displays section.

Our primary exhibition space, Gallery 1, has become a permanent home for a new music-focused exhibition – the Australian Music Vault. We’ll be diving into the wealth of resources contained within the Australian Performing Arts Collection to curate the Australian Music Vault experience. More information about the Australian Music Vault is available here.

Much of Arts Centre Melbourne’s Art Collection is on display within the buildings and onsite in the precinct. A self-guided tour is available through On Cue.

The Collections are also accessible through our Research Centre and our online catalogue.

The Collections are used regularly by curators, historians, performers, writers, publishers, staff and members of the general public. Research outcomes have included family histories, plays, articles, books, films and documentaries, and artworks. Arts Centre Melbourne also runs an active loans program. We lend material to cultural organisations in Australia and overseas.

Visit the Australian Performing Arts Collection online.

Curators are not permitted to provide valuations or appraisals of material for members of the general public. We suggest you seek advice from auction houses or individual professional valuers.

Approved valuers for the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program are listed on the associated website.

The Australian Performing Arts Collection houses approximately 60,000 programs donated by individuals and performing arts companies for over 40 years. We have complete holdings for most major performing arts companies in Melbourne and have ongoing deposit arrangements with many of them. We're currently looking for programs representing less mainstream performers and companies. Please view our Donation Guidelines for further details.

We welcome the support of those interested in Arts Centre Melbourne’s Collections, with financial contributions towards purchases, conservation treatments or our other activities important in continuing to grow our Collections. You can also make a bequest in support of the Collections through Arts Centre Melbourne's Philanthropy team. Please contact

If you'd  like to donate culturally significant material to the Collections, please see our Donation Guidelines. Alternatively, if you're interested in volunteering your time, you may like to join our waiting list to participate in the Collection Volunteer Program. Please contact the Research Centre for more information on volunteering with the Collections.

Arts Centre Melbourne's Collections have been largely developed by generous donations of culturally significant material by members of the general public. Material may be gifted through outright donation, bequest or through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program, which provides tax deductions for the donation of highly significant cultural material. Material offered for donation is assessed regularly by the Collection Development Group in line with our Collection Development Policy. Please view our Donation Guidelines for further details.

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