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The Victorian Arts Centre Trust (Trust) is a public sector agency established under the Victorian Arts Centre Act 1979 (Vic) (Act).

Capitalised terms used in this notice have the meaning given to those terms in the Act, unless a contrary intention appears.

The statutory purposes of the Trust include, among other things:

  • ensuring the maintenance, conservation, development and promotion of the State Collection of performing arts material
  • to establish, maintain, conserve, develop, promote and exhibit the Public Art Collection

As part of best practice collection management, the Trust periodically reviews the contents of the State Collection of performing arts and the Public Art Collection to ensure that the items it is storing, researching and caring for meet the Trust’s Collection Development Policy (CDP).

Under the CDP, the Trust acquires material for the State Collection relating to the history and contemporary practice of Australian circus, dance, music, opera and theatre (which includes popular entertainment such as comedy, magic, puppetry, vaudeville, variety and cabaret). Material collected within these principal collecting areas and hybrids of them, focuses on significant Australian performers, companies, practitioners and venues. The Trust also acquires material for the Public Art Collection.

In accordance with section 18 of the Act, the Trust has undertaken a review of the State Collection and the Public Art Collection and has resolved that the objects which are the subject of this notice (refer below) are unnecessary and inappropriate to the activities of the Trust. Hence, the Trust has resolved to transfer, sell or dispose of these objects in accordance with the process provided for under the Act.

The classes of objects which are the subject of this notice are:

Works on paper

  • 30 works on paper including prints of landscapes by different artists, and lithographs of banksias by Celia Rosser. These works will be offered by transfer to a state or national collection, gallery or library.

Theatre Lighting and Equipment

  • 52 items of lighting and technical equipment. 49 of these will be offered to other collecting institutions. 3 are in poor condition and will be disposed of responsibly.

Theatre Furniture

  • A set of 86 components for seating formerly from the Royal Princess Theatre, Bendigo, which will be transferred to other cultural and collecting organisations.

Exhibition Props

  • Set of 3 Hoyts De Luxe Cinema signs. It is proposed that the signs be transferred to collecting organisations and cultural institutions with an interest in the history of cinema, the history of Melbourne or the history of the built environment.
  • 1 Hoyts plaster façade decoration and 2 Hoyts leadlight windows.

Sideshow and American Film, Music and Television Objects

48 sideshow and American broadcast and music objects. These objects will be transferred, sold or disposed of as follows:

  • One framed sign from a sideshow and two arcade games will be offered for sale.
  • 7 prizes won at sideshow alleys at fun fairs. These items are in poor condition and will be disposed of responsibly.
  • 6 kewpie dolls from regional fairs/fetes. These items will be disposed of responsibly.
  • 31 items of merchandise or toys relating to American film, music and television. These items will be disposed of through transfer to other cultural institutions which collect this class of objects.


A summary notice to this effect has been published in The Age newspaper and has been placed at the welcome desk on level 6 of the Trust’s premises at 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

In accordance with section 18(1)(b)(iii) of the Act, if you object to the proposed sale or disposal of these object/s, you may do so in writing, addressed to Chief Executive Officer, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Letters of objection must be in writing and can be sent by email to or by mail to PO Box 7585, Melbourne, VIC, 3004.

Letters of objection must be received by 15 October 2021 to be considered.

Any objections received will be notified to the Minister for the Creative Industries and will be managed in accordance with section 18 of the Act.

If you have any questions about this process, please email

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