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Some of the boldest moments of the 2020 festival are now at your fingertips.

If you missed them, this is your chance to celebrate the creative imagination of artists and cultures across the Asia-Pacific region.


Archival Performances

Reboot your memory of the live experience with these archival performances.

Asia TOPA Connected The Planet A Lament

The Planet – A Lament
Garin Nugroho
Indonesia / Australia

Wild dance and striking film, set to an evocative song cycle from a 14-voice choir.



Asia TOPA Connected Metal

Lucy Guerin Inc and Ensemble Tikoro
Indonesia / Australia

Dancers and metal-heads share the stage in this meeting of cultures and art forms.




Discover more about the artists and their creative process in these mini documentaries.

Asia TOPA Connected Samsara

Aakash Odedra and Hu Shenyuan
China / UK / India

The vast histories, philosophies and cultures of China and India meet through dance.



Asia TOPA Connected The Seen and Unseen

The Seen and Unseen
Kamila Andini and Ida Ayu Wayan Arya Satyani
Indonesia / Australia

A mesmerising convergence of contemporary Indonesian dance and physical story-telling.



Asia TOPA Connected Dragon Ladies Dont Weep

Dragon Ladies Don't Weep
Featuring Margaret Leng Tan in a co-production by Chamber Made and CultureLink Singapore
Singapore / Australia / Japan

A sonic portrait and evocative exploration of memory, time, control and loss.



Asia TOPA Connected Virtual Intimacy

Virtual Intimacy
Very Theatre and ActNow Theatre
Taiwan / Australia

Queer hookup culture goes under the microscope.



Boarding Pass to Asia TOPA

Asia TOPA Boarding Pass

Singapore Airlines invites you to check-in for Boarding Pass to Asia TOPA.

During this video series discover flavours, ideas and places through the eyes and minds of leading chefs and artists in a celebration of culture and connection.



Asia TOPA Podcasts

Asia TOPA Takeover

From conversations about the interplay of art and politics through to explorations of art making, explore the broader issues that shape contemporary daily life in the Asia Pacific region.

Image credit: Sarah Walker

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More about Asia TOPA

Asia TOPA Connected article

Early this year more than 70 Australian and 50 international cultural partners came together in Melbourne to present Asia TOPA 2020, the second Asia Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts. Creative Director Stephen Armstrong reflects on the recent festival and what the future holds for the triennial.




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Asia TOPA is a joint initiative of Arts Centre Melbourne and the Sidney Myer Fund and is supported by the Australian and Victorian governments.


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