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By Jonathan Homsey
with Maggie Chen and Maggie Zhu

An anti-tragedy and participatory biography

Enter the life of two Maggies, childhood in China and adulthood in Australia. I Am Maggie is an improvised dance work based in Mad Libs sound tracked by an ASMR microphone. In this context, the audience and the Maggies become a collective. Everyone can be Maggie.

The Maggies represent the power of resilience and embracing your individuality.


ASMR: An Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a tingling sensation associated with positive emotion stimulated by an auditory or visual experience.

Mad Libs: A popular word game in the US where one person prompts others for a list of words to substitute blank spaces within a story. Watch an example of how it works from The Tonight Show.


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At Home Residency Showing

A sneak peek into the work, was live streamed on Saturday 29 August 2020.

A recording of this Showing is available to stream on demand via the Take Over! playlist on Youtube. Available for a strictly limited time, until Thursday 22 October.

Follow the Take Over! Facebook Group for updates, as the artists prepare for Melbourne Fringe.



Artist bio

Jonathan Homsey is an artist fascinated in the intersection of street dance, visual art, and social engagement. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States of America, he immigrated to Australia in 2010 where his award-winning choreographic practice has evolved from a theatrical context to interdisciplinary installations across Australasia and Japan. He is also passionate curator who has worked with institutions from Melbourne Museum to Footscray Community Arts Centre. Jonathan’s choreographic and curatorial practice uses intuitive movement to inform works that explore utopian worlds and emotional connection.


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