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A timeless classic with a modern twist, bound to delight audiences.

It is an accolade that perfectly reflects An Ideal Husband, the upcoming 2018 program highlight from Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC). A resident company of Arts Centre Melbourne, MTC’s adaptation of this evergreen hit is due to make its temporary home within the Playhouse this winter.

From the pen of Oscar Wilde, despite being written over a century ago, the discourse at the heart of this play remains ever relevant. Its strong, witty female leads clash (albeit politely) with established gentlemen of society. Combine this with tantalising themes of political corruption, blackmail and insider trading – and you could just imagine such a setting in the boardroom of a modern conglomerate.

As cast member Gina Riley, of Kath & Kim fame, muses: “The themes in An Ideal Husband I think are as modern as tomorrow. I just laughed out loud from the very first page.”

An Ideal Husband, showing from 16th July to 18th of August, is a show that transcends time, and audiences. Its ability to translate from an English, Victorian-era parlour, to a modern theatre in cosmopolitan Melbourne, is remarkably fluid.

Arts Centre Melbourne are proud to host resident company MTC, in the revered Playhouse.

The MTC and Arts Centre Melbourne have a long and proud tradition of collaboration in showcasing fantastic theatre for the public. This dedication to delivering memorable experiences for guests is a shared value between both MTC and Arts Centre Melbourne both on and off the stage. MTC works with the talented events team at Arts Centre Melbourne to orchestrate their unique opening night spectaculars and season events when in residence at Arts Centre Melbourne.

These events are far from formulaic; each is tailored to reflect the tone, purpose and theme of the event, and the production it celebrates. With considered planning and consultation, the MTC and Arts Centre Melbourne events teams work together to create a unique and special experience that lives on long after the curtain has fallen. Nothing is left to chance, or repetition.

So for the upcoming season of An Ideal Husband, MTC and Arts Centre Melbourne invite you to enjoy a premier event that personifies the play – elegant, sophisticated, yet fun. An event that celebrates this sparkling adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s timeless classic, within the walls of the timeless institution that is Arts Centre Melbourne.

More information on Melbourne Theatre Company’s An Ideal Husband, showing at Arts Centre Melbourne 16th July to 18th of August 2018.

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