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Upon entering the magnificent Pavilion space at Arts Centre Melbourne, it was clear this was no regular venue showcase.

Details sprinkled across the room commanded your attention. There was the MC, ‘Lord Gorgeous’ from Applause Entertainment, dressed in full French aristocratic regalia. To the right, bespoke cocktails by 7oz, such as the ‘Karis Highball’ with scotch whisky, pandan, soda and shiso. Ahead, two glorious white and dark chocolate fountains, surrounded by endless treats. For those fans of savoury goods – a cornucopia of charcuterie, cheese, breads and quince. Tumbling and performing around these sensory delights were two talented lycra-clad strongmen acrobats from Trucked Up Entertainment.

The annual Arts Centre Melbourne showcase is a chance for the talented Conferences, Meetings and Events team to unveil their new menu offerings, to highlight this unique venue, and the limitless options available to corporate event bookers. By bringing together each meticulously planned element, the Conferences, Meetings and Events team are able to demonstrate how events can be so much more than a fluorescent-lit room with a DJ and bar.

“Tonight is all about showcasing what our team can do, how we can really add something truly unique to your event,” said Arts Centre Melbourne Head of Sales and Events Steve Bayliss. “An event should be more than just an occasion. Events should be made up of unique, memorable experiences.”

Maximising the potential of the impressive Pavilion space, guests circulated freely. The open arching layout of the room allowing guests to mingle and chat, but also move easily between conversations, buffets, bar and balcony, drops from Reverie and Mezzanine Wines in hand. It was the perfect combination of considerate planning and aesthetic detailing.

Waiters seamlessly moved through the space, offering selections from Arts Centre Melbourne’s newest canapé options. Coq au vin stuffed mushrooms disappeared in a single bite. The lobster on baby brioche with lemon mayonnaise were an addictive favourite – guests tailing waiters carrying the distinctive cones.

Piquing the interest and imagination of corporate event bookers and professional conference organizers, the transformative ability of The Pavilion was on full display. By day, the space lends itself to being a great option for an AGM or seminar – The Pavilion’s layout maximising the reach of the speaker. Tonight, it’s a buzzing social event space, amplified by ambient lighting, superb live entertainment and knockout service.

With a few clever touches, the Conferences, Meetings and Events team are able to completely transform and personalise The Pavilion. Guests can hire their own furniture to customise their event, or collaborate with an Arts Centre Melbourne supplier such as Dann Event Hire, who styled the space with their gorgeous furniture on the night. The in-house production team are also experts at moulding the space to fit the brief. Having a world class lighting and production team in house certainly makes a world of difference.

The Conferences, Meetings and Events team are fully aware of the talent that exists beneath the spire, utilizing in-house expertise to create truly unique, mesmerizing events. Where else could you hold a spectacular dinner, set on a theatre stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performing just for your guests?

The annual Arts Centre Melbourne showcase was the perfect demonstration of this collaborative passion for organising standout events. Throughout the evening, guests happily chatted, nibbled and sipped, marvelling at the space, the city views from the balcony. The stylish floral touches by Victoria Whitelaw and sounds of band Oui Papa via Rutherford Entertainment setting the sophisticated scene.

The real treat of the evening was the drawing of a series of exciting door prizes. Bringing together Arts Centre Melbourne’s Performing Arts Partners, resident companies and event sponsors, the prizes on offer warranted excited gasps and crossed fingers. The grand prize was nothing short of breathtaking. Two premium economy return airfares to Paris with esteemed sponsor Singapore Airlines saw the entire room fall whisper quiet as the lucky winner was drawn. As the name was called, it was the perfect crescendo of excitement for an evening filled with promise and inspiration.

Feeling inspired? Get in contact with Arts Centre Melbourne Conferences, Meetings and Events team on (03) 9281 8350 or email us to discuss your upcoming event.

Thank you to our wonderful Conferences, Meetings and Events Showcase sponsors & supporters

Entertainment by Rutherford Entertainment, Applause Entertainment and Trucked Up Entertainment
Wines by Reverie and Mezzanine Wines
Event Furniture by Dann Event Hire
Flowers by Victoria Whitelaw
Cocktails by 7oz

Thank you to Chris Rowe from Singapore Airlines for presenting our amazing grand prize for the evening.

Thank you to our Performing Arts Partners for their support in providing fantastic door prizes

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