“It makes me feel special being at the Arts Centre”

Sarah, Year 6 student and refugee

My name is Sarah Sona and I’m 12 years old. I’ve been learning English since I arrived here from Iraq in 2016. I wanted to write to say thank you for all the opportunities and support you give my school. You make it possible for my school to get free tickets to see the performing arts.

This year I’ve seen Mr Stink, Junk and Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories. From Mr Stink, I learned not to judge people on how they look. Junk taught me to be active and not use technology too much. Bambert had persistence and hope that his letters would reach different countries.

I learned so much from these performances, and I will always remember how fun it was. I love the lights and the red carpet. I enjoy having lunch outside, seeing the grass and trees and birds.

It makes me feel special being at the arts centre.

You can never get bored at the Arts Centre. It’s a good place for new arrivals from places like Iraq and Syria, where they don’t have anything like that. It’s just amazing how the performances help us learn how to speak and understand English.

Thank you to all the staff and supporters of the Arts Centre Melbourne. Thank you so much!

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the performing arts. There are many Victorians who still miss out, due to social disadvantage, distance or other circumstances beyond their control.

The First Call Fund helps to close this gap, by directly supporting school and community groups to visit Arts Centre Melbourne, where they can see a live performance, or participate in a creative arts learning workshop.

Sarah was a recent beneficiary of the First Call Fund. The ripple effect of Sarah’s first-hand experiences of the performing arts are only just beginning to form. Sarah has since participated in Arts Centre Melbourne’s ‘Stories in the Wall’ project. With the skills gained, she has also been inspired to write a full script for a play at her school about the Aboriginal children from the Stolen Generation.

The opportunity for Sarah, and other young people, to access the performing arts is only made possible through the support of generous donors like you.

Will you help keep Arts Centre Melbourne accessible to everyone? Donate today to help create MORE AWE for the next generation of art lovers, music nerds, theatre buffs… and anyone who wants to look at the world differently.

How your gift will make a difference

Give $25 and you’ll pay for a ticket, so a child can experience the performing arts for the first time.

Donate $50 and you’ll help charter a bus to bring a whole group of school children to Arts Centre Melbourne.

Make a gift of $120 and you’ll help fund a creative workshop to teach kids new skills and inspire and entire class.

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