Disco Diva

Image Credit: Photograph of Kylie Minogue performing on stage, "Disco in Dream" tour, 1989, photographer unknown.


Kylie launched her first tour, Disco in Dreams, in Japan in 1989. The modest scale of the show allowed Kylie to experience the demands of international touring at her own pace. Working with Australian designers Ian McMaugh and Peter Morrissey, Kylie’s early costumes reflected ‘the girl next door’ image that had brought her international recognition as Charlene in the television series Neighbours. 

In 1990, Kylie toured Australia for the first time with Enjoy Yourself. A 90-minute show with a live band, back-up singers, a substantial set and more complex choreography, Enjoy Yourself was Kylie’s first full-length concert. Her costumes showcased Australian designers such as Nicole Bonython and the tour went on to travel around Europe and Asia. 

With the release of her next album, Rhythm of Love, came the single ‘Better the Devil You Know’ and a video revealing Kylie in a number of new guises. The Rhythm of Love tour opened in February 1991 with music critics praising Kylie’s growing confidence as a live performer. Audiences were responding to her sophisticated new look and sound and Kylie was keen to gain more control of her image, looking beyond the confines of the Stock Aitken and Waterman studio.

Tour Costumes

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