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Image Credit: Photograph of Kylie Minogue performing on stage, "KylieFever2002" tour, 2002, photgraphed by Ken McKay.


Kylie followed the stylistic direction of her 2002 album, Fever, down a more contemporary road for her subsequent tour. Baker worked with film designer Alan MacDonald to create a minimal and sophisticated look that had informed videos for singles such as ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’. The KylieFever2002 tour combined William’s passion for sci-fi films and Doctor Who with dramatic imagery drawn from cult films like A Clockwork Orange and The Night Porter. Choreographer Raphael Bonachela worked with a team of classically trained dancers to translate his innovative contemporary dance practice into a pop context, devising a style of movement that reflected the theme of each act. 

Internationally acclaimed designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created Kylie’s entire wardrobe for Fever,incorporating elements from their runway collections to emphasise fashion rather than costume. The image of Kylie in her crystal-encrusted bra and micro mini was splashed across the pages of tabloid newspapers wherever she toured. Kylie wore this ensemble in the opening act when she was concealed behind the Kyborg, a glamorous, mechanised robot created by UK-based designers Johnny Rocket and Edward Griffiths. The silver-clad, helmeted dancers that surrounded her were inspired by the mysterious silver beings Baker remembered from early episodes of Doctor Who.

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