Inspire the next generation

5 emerging composers, 5 new works, 5 minutes.

5x5x5 is an award-winning mentorship program by Arts Centre Melbourne created for emerging Victorian-based composers aged 29 years and under, aimed at increasing their skills, professional networks and public profiles.

Through each iteration of 5x5x5 five emerging composers are mentored by a guest Artistic Director, who share valued and diverse composing experience from within the sector.

In previous years, compositions were recorded at The Channel and performed by students from the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) at the South Melbourne Town Hall.

In 2020, 5x5x5 went digital and into the home studios of emerging composers.

5x5x5 History

In 2013 Art Centre Melbourne wanted to create a to create a unique artistic experience that explored the undiscovered and hidden parts of our building. Our venues are often transitory spaces – with people bustling through foyers, the ebb and flow of cars in and the carpark and the passing pedestrian traffic, we wanted to create a journey that celebrated our bright and colourful halls, encouraging people to stop and listen and contemplate for, well, 5 minutes.

Explore 2019's Inside Out

Explore 2020's Memory

Since 2013 5x5x5 has paved the way for the development of emerging contemporary classical composers. Previous 5x5x5 programs include 2013’s Arts Centre Melbourne Spaces; 2014’s Arts Centre Melbourne Spaces; 2015’s Arts Walk Quotes; and 2017’s Journey.

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