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Five unique compositions created by five emerging artists inspired by the hidden location and history of the Performing Arts Collection offer a journey through Arts Centre Melbourne like never before.

5x5x5 is an award-winning Arts Centre Melbourne mentorship program for five emerging Victorian-based composers aged 30 years and under, aimed at increasing their skills, professional networks and public profiles.

Five emerging composers (mentored by Artistic Director, Peter Knight) have each created a new composition of five minutes, produced especially for five specific journeys. The new works respond to the theme ‘journey’, seeking to illuminate, articulate and draw inspiration from a virtual journey through Arts Centre Melbourne, our Performing Arts Collection and the rich cultural heritage it protects. These original, inspired interactive journeys will take you from the front doors of Hamer Hall to an object in another place and from another time, specifically chosen by each composer as their inspiration.

The compositions were recorded at The Channel and performed by students from the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) at the South Melbourne Town Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2013 we wanted to do something that explored hidden places within Arts Centre Melbourne, and to create a unique artistic experience of these spaces. Our venues are often transitory spaces – people bustling through foyers to get in and out of shows, the constant ebb and flow of cars and people in and out of the carpark, the passing pedestrian we wanted to create a journey through our bright and colourful halls encouraging people to stop and listen and contemplate for, well, 5 minutes.
Check out the 5x5x5 website to experience the original compositions in a virtual journey through Arts Centre Melbourne.
Producer – Joshua Cowie, Creative Learning Producer, Arts Centre Melbourne;
Artistic Director – Peter Knight;
Performer Coordinator – Matt HoymAcademy of Music (ANAM);
Recording Engineer – Amy Bennett, Creative Learning Producer, Arts Centre Melbourne
Arts Centre Melbourne's Australian Performing Arts Collection is Australia's largest and most important collection of performing arts history and traditions across circus, dance, music, opera and theatre. The Collection includes designs, costumes, objects, programs, photographs and so much more.
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