5 emerging composers. 5 new works. 5 minutes.

In the midst of the global pandemic COVID-19, five outstanding emerging Victorian composers explored the theme of Memory.

During this extraordinary time, when life changed in what felt like an instant, we were afforded the opportunity to look back and engage our memory to reflect on the way life was. To rediscover slowness – home cooking, puzzles, taking time to have conversations with loved ones and reflect on times spent together. Technology has continued to play an integral role in our lives, keeping us connected and entertained. 5x5x5: Memory was able to flourish with the support of technology and in their home studios, five emerging composers were equipped to produce beautiful pieces, exploring this vital theme.


About Artistic Mentor, Kate Neal

Kate Neal

Kate Neal is an artist with over 20 years’ experience as a composer, arranger, teacher, artistic director and collaborator. Since 2006 (with the premiere of the scored ballet, Concave City) she has been incorporating extra-musical parameters within the notation of a musical score, such as physical gesture, design, light and movement. The result is a musical language that extends the existing techniques of the performing musician and creates a synthesis of experience for audiences where music is to be seen and heard: the performative aspect of the work is as important as the aural.


“For me, 5x5x5 was a turning point in my musical development, and thus, my career - I've never looked back.”

Michael Bakrncev (previous 5x5x5 participant)


5x5x5: Inside Out, 2019



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