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Welcome to The Channel: Home Studio, where you can learn how to create beats, perform magic tricks, make your own puppets, write lyrics and so much more.

Learn from the best with this series of fun and interactive digital workshops taught by leading artists and musicians. Get creative in your very own digital home studio.

  All The Channel: Home Studio videos have closed captioning.

Lyric Writing Workshop with Eva Popov

An easy step-by-step guide to writing your own lyrics.

DIY Beat-Making Workshop with Benji Miu

Benji will show you how to make yourself a unique sample-based drumkit.

Puppetry Workshop with Iris Radovic

Puppeteer Iris Radovic will teach you how to make your own puppet with materials you can find at home.

Magic Workshop with Lee Cohen

Once you have sworn the magician’s oath, you can step behind the curtain and enter a world of mind-boggling magic secrets!

Clowning Workshop for 5-8 year olds with Holly Austin

Join Holly, the incredible Beatboxing Mime, for a crash course in clowning!

Clowning Workshop for 9-11 year olds with Holly Austin

Holly will show you how to create a world to perform in, using only your voice, body, and imagination!

Hip-Hop Lyric Writing Workshop with Mantra

Develop a unique song concept, learning some basics of hip-hop songwriting with rapper Mantra.

Hip-Hop: Rhyming, Timing, Making Sense Workshop with N'fa Jones

Join N’fa in building up some skills in making rhymes and creating a good flow in your lyrics

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