Welcome to Victorian Opera’s Season 2019.

The notion of horizons animates this year; a word with many connotations, we explore the idea of goals to be reached, the richness of possibility, the potential for what lies beyond, and a voyage to such new horizons. This program offers many chances for your own discovery.

We return to the works of the greatest living composer of music theatre with Sondheim’s A Little Night Music. As the sun sets across the horizon, a summer night’s revelations await; one full of hijinks, heartache and bittersweet wisdom.

Love-inspired farce and frivolity set the scene for more playful nonsense in Rossini’s most popular opera, The Barber of Seville.

Victorian Opera continues its celebration of bel canto and its rich tradition with a one-night-only concert of Heroic Bel Canto, highlighting singing at its most virtuosic.

Quirky adventures into the unknown, and the fruitfulness of self-discovery provide new horizons for our younger audiences with Alice Through the Opera Glass and a new Australian opera based on Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant. Join us and ever expand your horizons.

Single tickets are now on sale.

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