Welcome to Supersense: the three day festival of ecstatic performance and transformative ritual.

"the only music festival that matters"

Sydney Morning Herald



Supersense is a three day festival of ecstatic performance. Exploring modern, traditional, evolving and emerging forms of ecstatic ritual and transformational expression, the festival features pioneers who have redefined entire art forms alongside new generations of artists redefining the thresholds and possibilities of their disciplines.

Created by performer and curator Sophia Brous with Arts Centre Melbourne, since 2015 the festival has presented a series of rich, mind-expanding programs that have brought some of the world’s most significant artists together in Melbourne, across traditional and contemporary music, dance, theatre and performance from across the globe.

For its 2019 return, Brous has assembled a program of stunning performances exclusive to Supersense in Australia; featuring work hailing from five continents, the festival features three days of world-first collaborations, Australian premieres and unrepeatable performance environments, set within the labyrinth of Arts Centre Melbourne’s buildings, underground venues and hidden walkways.

Come witness the extreme and sublime worlds of Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic, August 23-25 2019.

"Wondrous, hilarious and magnificent"

The Age


"A life-changing experience"

The AU Review


Welcome to the next instalment of Supersense: Festival of the Ecstatic.

It is my great pleasure to share this year's very special and precious program.

Supersense is our invitation to enter experiences of radical imagination – of ecstasy, transformation, expression and experimentation across music, theatre, dance and performance.

The festival explores our human pursuit of revelation and release – it is the conversation between the old and new, iconic and emerging rituals that have defined our quest for ecstatic experience through art, song, performance and communion.

For the Supersense weekend, let the visions, sounds, experiences and perhaps even exhaustion conspire to create something new, impermanent, volatile and beautiful. We hope you will join us there.


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