Betty Amsden Participation Program

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Betty Amsden Participation Project

Find out more about the Betty Amsden Participation Program and how you can get involved.

Since 2014, Arts Centre Melbourne has been host to the Betty Amsden Participation Program, an annual community event that inspires people from all over Melbourne to get involved and tap into their inner creativity.

These large-scale projects are designed to inspire and delight the entire city of Melbourne. Deep down there’s creativity in all of us. We encourage you to dive in and discover what’s happened, what’s coming and how you get involved. There’s plenty of opportunity to unleash your inner muse.

In 2014, Melbourne was filled with music as 24 pianos, beautifully decorated by community groups, graced the streets for three weeks over summer with the invitation Play Me, I’m Yours

In 2015, 7,000 little wooden houses, all individually decorated by people from across Victoria to represent our feelings of home, filled our streets, parks, favourite city spots and social media for Home

In 2016, an army of volunteers lined up (and knocked down!) 7,000 breezeblocks in a line that snaked around Melbourne’s streets and alleyways, bringing people together to celebrate our city for Dominoes…

In 2017 we saw a riotous celebration of community spirit with Fun Run.

Further details about the 2018 Betty Amsden Participation Project will be released soon. 

How you can help

With your support we can create more reach out to the broader community, in particular those who do not access the arts.

To make a donation to our next project please call (03) 9281 8973