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Major Events Act 2009 (VIC)

For events that are subject to a major event declaration under the Major Events Act 2009, it is illegal for tickets to be sold, offered or advertised for resale at a price exceeding its face value purchase price by more than 10%. The Act also prevents the unauthorised resale of tickets bundled with goods, items or services (such as food or drinks) to declared major events.

The authorised ticket sellers for major events are listed below. For more information and queries regarding the Major Events Act, visit


Full name or business name ABN/ACN Website address Current (Y/N)
If no, date of expiry
Arts Centre Melbourne 83295983059 Y
Ticketek Pty. Ltd. 92010129110 Y
Rising Melbourne 41058535863 Y
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Limited 43006697918 Y


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