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Arcana Kaleidoscopes are unique works of art in brass and copper with each piece individually numbered on a brass plate.

Arcana Kaleidoscopes are individually-made, unique works of art, hand-crafted from recycled brass and copper findings with fine precision from the highest quality optical systems using 1mm thick front surface mirrors. Object wheels are made from either translucent gemstones and stained, textured or dichroic glass. Arcana’s kaleidoscopes are made in a range of sizes. Small hand-held kaleidoscopes sit on a wooden cradle while large pedestal examples are designed to rest on a table or shelf. Each pedestal kaleidoscope is a unique collector's item, created to recapture a period style (Victorian, Deco, Nouveau) or to illuminate a myth, story or event.

Using visual fantasies inspired by Jules Verne, the Lighthouse Series juxtapose images of the human search for light and safety with
the endless effort and uncertainty of the journey. The
Totemic Series explore some of the themes and taboos documented by James Frazer and other writers. Some constructions have an arcane collage of found-objects secreted in the base.

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